Shining Line Whitening K Mask


Inhibit melanogenesis effectively. Stimulates the collagen synthesis, protects from oxidation and reduces the harmful effects from free radicals.

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Skin Type

Indicated for all skin types, especially:

  • Hyperpigmentated skins
  • Skins prone to the appearance of stains
  • Sallow and dull skins, with uneven tone
  • Post-acne spots
  • Asphyxiated skins

How To Use

We recommend this product be used twice a week.

Professional use: Apply with a brush and leave it on for 20 min. Remove with damp sponges in water. Due its special texture, it is recommended to massage during the exposure time to facilitate penetration of the actives.

Home use: With clean and toned skin, apply the mask to face and neck, leave it on for 20 minutes. Remove with water.

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50ml, 200ml