TH Hydrating Action Professional Treatment


Professional Hydration treatment with double action, immediate and sequential (7 sessions).

A complete hydration at all levels that revitalizes skin functions, neutralizes free radicals, fights oxidative stress, and strengthens the ability of tissues so that the skin looks soft and elastic.

An authentic cellular detoxification that recovers the water retention capacity of each cell. Restores optimal hydration levels that brings back full functionality to the skin. More softness and elasticity for a healthy and youthful appearance.

The synergy between the active ingredients Hydromanil® + Hyaluronic Acid, provides complete hydration at two levels:

  • On a superficial level: it provides immediate hydration to the skin, forming a protective film.
  • At an internal level: due to a sequential release of active ingredients, it reaches the deepest layers of the skin, providing prolonged and lasting hydration.
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Skin Type

Indicated for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

Pack Specifications

  • Total Hydrating Hydra Peel (50ml): Scrub and enzymatic exfoliating gel. Its scrub effect contains cellulose particles and corundum, which removes dead cells and impurities on surface.The enzymatic effect, with Peelmoist made from papain, provides a gentle and deeper exfoliation, avoiding skin scaling and providing an immediate and long lasting extra hydration. The result is a renewed, soft, and luminous skin.
  • Total Hydrating Hydratant Concentrate (7ampx2ml): Repairing and moisturizing concentrate. Biological complex that works to prevent and treat dehydration of the skin effectively and immediately. Instant soothing and moisturizing effect. Effective and immediate response to dehydration problems. Delays aging thanks to its restorative effect. Preserves the hydration and youth in the skin.
  • Total Hydrating Collagen Mask (50ml): Mask that creates a tightening effect and provides extreme hydration. It repairs the skin structure to make it more resistant and prevent water loss. Promotes skin hydration by strengthening the hydrolipidic film. Facilitates the penetration of previous actives. Minimizes wrinkles, providing a firm and flexible structure due to its ability to retain water, thereby improving facial contours and the depth of wrinkles, and provides a more vital aspect.
  • Total Hydrating Bi-Gel (50ml): Refreshing emulsion of bi- gel texture with a “quick break” effect, that penetrates the skin upon contact. At superficial level, provides immediate hydration. At internal level, provides a long term moisturizing and lasting effect. Immediate moisturizing effect gives the skin a more homogeneous appearance while its deep hydrating action is progressive and longer-lasting.

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